Liriabana Studio
Plastic Vase, Lilium, Aspidistra, Proteas. 40´´ x16´´ x16´´. March 2007. Moribana Style.
Ceramic Vases, Plastic Tubes, Salt, Gynger, Aspidistra, Amarantus, Kivi vine. 32´´ x20´´x20´´. Febru
Ceramic Vase, Irises, Curly Willow, Epicurum, Achillea. 24´´x 28´´x16´´. May 2007. Free Style.
Plastic Vase, Scotch Broom, Proteas, Pine Tree Cones. 40´´x 20´´x 16´´. March 2007. Maribana Style.
Bamboo Vase, Scotch Broom, Yuka, Proteas. 40´´x 20´´x 12´´. April 2007. Traditional Moribana Style.
Ceramic Vase, Lilium, Curly Willow, Achillea. 22´´x32´´x 28´´. June 2007. Free Style.
Glass Vase, Anthirium, Gypsophila, Willow, Chamedorea.  32´´x 20´´x 12´´. 2006. Nageire Style.
Ceramic Vase. Erica, Fern, Musacea. 20´´x 20´´x16´´. 2006. Free Style.
Ceramics Vases, Sunflowers, Philodendron. 28´´x48´´x32´´. 2006. Free Style.
Ceramic Vase, Bear Grass, Phyladelphus, Statize. 48´´x 28´´x16. 2006. Shoka Shimputai Style.



My work consists traditional and contemporary Ikebana practice investigating the essence of natural materials.  Ikebana works are construct and arrangement to expose beauty in simplicity, cyclical continuity, and reflect upon the physical harmony inherent in the natural landscape.  My work seeks to reveal the inner soul of the inanimate, the vegetal, the mineral and the indeterminant temporal substances of the natural environment.